A system for sustainable delivieries
with reusable containers
made for urban areas
parcels rethought
the project was awarded with the green concept award and was shortlisted by the braunprize 2021.
by the year 2030
1 billion people will move to big cities
200% growth in e-commerce
if e-commerce doubles and thus deliveries, cities infrastructures will break together.
deliveries today are associated with long waiting times, far walking distances, failed attempts of delivery and packaging waste.
we need a simpler system with drop off points to make pickup and delivery more flexible.
to make it more environmentally friendly

a new delivery system with reusable boxes was synthesized by going through all the possible scenarios for a last mile delivery.
drop off points for more flexibility on the last mile
the station
interactive platform for deliverers and customers
the app
a reusable, repairable and recyclable container
the box
four sizes
the box is adjustable in size for better protection and less space consumption.
the box was constructed for easy (dis)assembly and recycling.
the uniforms sizes require less space during transport.
the closing mechanism allows opening and removal in two separate stages for greater safety.
a system with
reusable containers

less shipping costs
no waiting times
​​​​​​​inbuild chips for faster tracking

a more efficient last mile
efficient stacking during transport
less damage to the goods

no trash
franziska dehm
niklas muhs
term project third semester
four months
industrial design
systemic thinking
design for manufacturing
video making
next project