curiosity is what drives me
the desire to face uncertainty, to learn

dealing with the complexity of change
to live up to the responsibility
and to transform for the better

flexibility in tools, methods and realm
a holistic understanding of what i create

i love when things come together
and become something greater than themselves‍

let's connect:
Professional experience
Fraunhofer IPA
Design of an Agricultural Robot
2022/02 -> ongoing
Design work / Consulting
2022/01 -> ongoing
Intuity Media Lab
Internship at an Innovation Consultancy
2022/03 -> 2022/08
UP Designstudio
Industrial Design Internship
2021/09 -> 2021/10
Industrial Design Working Student
2021/09 -> 2021/12
Brand design work
2020/02 -> 2020/03
pong design
Internship at Industrial Design office
2020/06 -> 2020/09
Educational experience
Exchange Semester at the Umeå Institute of Design
Advanced Product Design
2022/08 -> 2023/01
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
product Design
2020/07 -> 2023/07
Diablo Valley College California
Industrial Design
2019/09 -> 2020/03
Technical University Berlin
Economic and Information Sciences
2018/08 -> 2019/09
other projects
this website
completely from scratch, visually programmed in webflow
2 months
ar-interface and interaction concept
building a design system for augmented reality applications
3 months
personal vehicle
design and consulting for a startup
4 months
supporting the design of concepts for a fireplace
4 months
brand design
exploration for an innovation lab
2 months
continuation of a semester project
3 months
legal information