a modular cooktop
for the indian market
to grow with you
electrolux jodana
the project was awarded with the ux design award in the new talent category in 2023
Our Persona: Rohit
Due to the steady growth of people living alone worldwide, especially in the Asian region, the background of the project was the theme Going Solo.
Single living person
Our persona is 31 years old and striving up the career ladder after graduation.
30-40 Years Old
Our persona Rohit has an introverted behavior and likes to spend a lot of his time with himself.
Raised in the south of India, he moved to the big city of Mumbai for better career opportunities.
Moved to Mumbai
Has an aspirational mindset that allows him to step back in the short term for a larger goal.

Has been in a marriage for a short time with his wife, whom he met and married in his hometown. Both involuntarily located in different cities for a more successful future together.
cultural analysis

in our cultural analysis of our young target group in india, we noticed some differences in the kitchen.

In traditional Indian cuisine, many dishes are prepared in a kadai pan, which has a round bottom.
Through interviews we found out that the aspirational mindset of young people gives a focus on basic appliances. Only the minimum of household appliances is expected and replacement after the next move is inevitable.
The fact that many young people in India have to move more frequently for their jobs means that they have mobile cooking surfaces that they can take with them. Permanently installed hobs are rather uncommon for that age group.
emotional state journey
A big part of the project was a close look at the emotional state of our persona and the impact products have on it. To do this, we looked at what our persona's daily routine looks like and when there is room for improvement.
The most important part of our research in the project was an interview with a male person from Mumbai, who is in the age group of our persona. Through the interview we were able to gain many insights that were not only important for validation but also led to a quick decision making in the sprint project.
Mumbai is a hard one
"And after that in a city like Mumbai with lot of traffic, you don't feel like going out and meeting somewhere."
Under the week
Green is the new black
“I would say because we have not been using plastics for the last 20 years. So I don't use single-use plastic at home.”
Back to the basics
“I’m not very unhappy with any appliance. See, my usage of appliances is very need based.”
I miss her ... a lot
“But once you get married, the whole thought process changes in the sense you start feeling that the other person is also feeling lonely because you are not together.”
Being alone
Prototyping helped us a lot in the team to quickly check and expand ideas in a short time, especially the variation of Cardboard, CAD and VR helped us.
during the project we were able to use ar applications to experiment with and communicate usage scenarios
to further enhance immersion and deeper exploration we used vr applications
through our testing we came to the modular cooktop system jodana that can grow with the user
interactions with the product
measuring weight with the inbuild scale
attaching two modules to each other
a surface for traditional round pots
attaching multiple cooktops with each other
luisa ebeling
inda gaytan
niklas muhs
yash saboo

thomas degn
Fredrik Goffhé
introductions course mfa adavanced product design
four weeks
industrial design
user experience design
user interface design
user/ cultural research
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