A systemic approach
to understand problems and build
the forest of tomorrow
the project was awarded with the ux design award gold in the new talent category in 2023
forests are one of the largest co2 sinks on earth,
but climate change is impacting them.
"Forest fires are becoming more widespread, burning nearly twice as much tree cover today as they did 20 years ago." - world resources institute
forest fires are rising
"The number and duration of droughts has increased by 29 percent since 2000, [...]" - united nations
droughts become more common
"It’s estimated that over the next 10 years, an average of 100,000 trees will fall daily as a result of the bark beetle epidemic." - united states department of agriculture
bark beetle spreads
forestsense is a concept to help save forests in times of climate change.

software could already improve operational management in the forest today and would lead to a better understanding and more sustainable interventions in the future.
short term
mid term
long term
understanding complex
data analysis
genetic adaptation
pattern recognition
operational management
data recording
the sensor platform generates a link and thus enables interaction with the forest
the design
With the additional attachments, the sensor can be worked with actively or recorded passively.
The gimbal compensates for unintended movements and can expand the field of view for the sensor in the passive usage.
further protection for the device when it is not in use.
An aluminium extrusion makes the device robust and durable.
my first results to create a digital representation of a forest
With the additional attachments, the sensor can be worked with actively or recorded passively.
The project is a systemic approach to better understand the problems in the forest in order to act more accurately in times of climate change.
During an internship, i found out that a large company is establishing similar systems to apply in the forest.
lecturer: andreas hess
niklas muhs
term project fourth semester
four months
industrial design
systemic thinking
user research
video making
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