a concept that is going to be manufactured
for the biggest company in the market
a pneumatic tube station
we used prototyping to get an idea of the size and operation.
a large part of the work was to design the new mechanical functioning for the station.
elaborations on the second concept
this is me during a presentation in aerocoms showroom. i am currently presenting features of the station in ar.
building a real size prototype with the most important functions
we used a user-centered approach to rethink aerocom's pneumatic tube station.
we have not only developed a new functioning but also a new operating concept which makes it much easier to work with the station.
aerocom was very convinced by the concept and we are now realizing the station together.
niklas muhs
thorben westendorf
ergonomics project together with aerocom
four months
industrial design
design for manufacturing
user experience design
mechanical design
next project